Help and Support

The IT Services is the primary point of contact for queries about central IT services for all staff and students at UOZ.

Support in Your College !

If you have any problem or you can not find your class: At first, contact your teacher or department. Then if not solved, please contact your College Manager by send an email with all your details" :
College / Faculty Name Email
Faculty of Science Shivan Mohamed Othman
Faculty of Humanities Aras Basheer Shaker
College of Engineering Zhvan Mohammed Abdulrahman
Faculty of Education Sherwan Abdullah
Faculty of Basic Education Nejervan
College of Administration and Economics Mohammed Hasan Ramadhan
College of Medicine Haval Ali Mustafa

For other problems and information Contact US


Support Team for create or fix email problems !
Name Email
Hajar A. Qasem
Sinan Fathil Salman
jwan Sbah Azzat

For other problems and information Contact US

STAFF PORTAL (Create/ Fix Staff Portal)

"For any problems related to staff portal send us an email with all your information."