This semester involves teaching pragmatics to the third-year students. Pragmatic concepts and topics such as context, its types, invisible vs. visible meaning, deixis, definition and types, reference covering anaphora, cataphora and inference, among others, are taken into consideration. Light is shed on presuppositions and implicatures, speech acts and its types, rules of conversation, and finally relevance theory.
This is a student-centred course in which topics are presented by the instructor, and they are explained, assigned and completed by students both during lesson periods and outside of class. The students are usually divided into groups of four-five people during every lesson. Doing classroom activities, in groups, help the students cooperate in their learning. Quizzes are given according to the accomplishment of topics within lessons. These quizzes are done via Moodle as well as on campus. The students will be given topics to be presented as semester assignments.